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wORk frOm .....

For one, many of us find ourselves working from home for the first time ever and has its challenges.

A lot has changed in the work world (and let's be honest, in the regular world, too) over the last few weeks or months....

I want to share with you some tips and tricks to stay at home and being productive. let see !

- Maintain your work environment and family environment side to side.

- Choose a side of your home to just work , being creative and develop strategies.

- Take advantages to sleep a little bit more in the mornings to stay focus on your work the next day.

- Meet new people from around the world making online meeting with future possible customers or your work team.

- A great tip form succeeding a balance between work and life is setting strict work hours.

- Set a schedule of your daily life and don´t forget to bring happiness to your routine.

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