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The advertising in the century XXI, it is necessary to stop along the way and ask ourselves what

was advertising in the past and what will be in the future, since the three times: past, present and future,

which govern existence they provide mutual feedback and allow us to analyze the evolution

of the advertising phenomenon from its origins to the present,

even make predictions of the role it will play in the future.

The main part of advertising was to publicize the products for sell them or establish

a difference between brands and could be possible by iconic mind path.

But know is double questionable.

What is double meaning advertising?

Image result for double meaning holiday advertising

Advertising. This is how advertising reaches the consumer by sending him that message that he considers relevant and that otherwise he would be unable to get through peoples mind.

What does it mean to say Happy Christmas?

The phrase Merry Christmas has been recorded since at least 1534, when it was used in a letter by bishop John Fisher. In this usage, merry means “causing happiness; pleasant; delightful.” Happy Christmas can be traced back to at least the mid-1600s.

When Christian ideology not only dominated Europe but actually created it (at the time it was called 'Christendom'), the family was probably the most important aspect of that ideology.

The stories propagated by Christianity are mostly family-related. From the first story (of an ill-fated family, Adam, Eve and their two sons) down to the central story (of another ill-fated: the Holy Family), the family is the recurrent theme of Christianity. The most important prayer is directed toward a Heavenly Father, as humanity is His family.

The system in which we are living - needs cosmopolitanism, capitalism and social. It needs individuals to forget their ties to their family and spend their lives as atoms, floating about in perpetual adolescence looking for the new product to buy and new jobs to apply for anywhere in the globalised world, uprooted from any social context, constantly taking selfies which are carried away by the currents of one big cosmopolitan, multi-cultural ocean.

And so on and so on.

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