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Offensive Ads , Just screw me up !

Dove completely missed the fact that their ad paints dark skin as being dirty. Unfortunately, the cosmetics brand made the same mistake again in 2017 when they had a commercial showing an African-American woman turning into a white one.

Luckily, there’s a lesson to be learned from every bad ad choice. Just take and be in mind these tips:

1. Be Mindful of Everyone : Your consumers come from all walks of life and should be respected and valued.

2. No Religious Undertones : Religion is a taboo topic for a reason. There’s no place for it in your advertising.

3. Offer Good Advice: Encourage your audience to be above lying, cheating, or stealing.

Offensive commercials are arguably worse than printed ads as they feature some kind of action that makes the message seem more real. When they’re really offensive, they put a bad taste in people’s mouths toward a brand forever.

Overall, advertising is a powerful medium that can’t be taken for granted. Whether you’re a small startup or big name company, your ads can send an important message to the public beyond selling your products. Make sure you’re always sending the right one!

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