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Lets start with a move or a fitness workout Dance vs Aerobics, just see why ideas get fit and go in a creative way with you. Dance its normally a way to move out your body with music and go a war with aerobic in a way to move your body with gym pop music.

So the point is to get fit , right , to see a change and move your body , but how?

This question has an answer at its right , how to life live expressing yourself. Let see a Woman or Men thats want to stay fit doing cardio he or she will choose Aerobic or Dance?

Maybe its confusing with one its better Dance classes or Aerobic classes?

Dance Classes get named as Zumba , Jazzercise , BodyJam , Sh´bam , Ritmos Latinos

Aerobic Classes get named too as Bodypump , HITT , Steps

Just be smart an take the best for you , with one that you get identified , thats it !

The two classes are based in cardio , every class has details that get you excited too go and go and stay fit. Ditch the workout. If you are in Santo Domingo , Dominican Rep. contact this Zumba Instructor to update your body with exciting movements in each class .

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