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Cross-fit Ad vs Crosstraining Ad

Hi, and just to make more and more for you as a lifestyle is to stay fit.

Always gyms , fit groups and all that stuff stay in competition with brands that connects with your mind in a indirect way. Those terms are the same? the do the same workout?

Cross_fit is not a tool or way to do workouts , Crossfit incredible to you in a truly way is a brand in the market around the world as Zumba. Cross_fit is a brand registered with copyrights reserved to a company called CrossFit Inc. which is a brand designated with techniques of workouts in different periods of time of high interval training, sometimes measure by the instructor only, but always goes to work your body and stay out of comfort.

Greg Glassman is the creator of the brand CrossFit under the technique of WOD to train california police force. The WOD is the training or work of the day based in 60 minutes of workouts in high intensity. Regularly used by militaries to train and get strength of their bodies.

So stay in touch and it and don't get confused , CrossFit is not a only a outdoor workout is a Brand in a commercial world market. Its a advertisement connected presently with your mind to always be present in your lifestyle to be fit.

Cross training or functional training complete the traditional training of muscles in your body and is a discipline to stay fit. An the word Cross Training is a word of mode and popularity recently sine 2001 until now and of course is a workout technique not a brand. And delivers to you more skills in you muscles and body to resolve problems of agility getting sensations to continue, because you can do much things in a shot period of time without exhaustion and lesions. Because is more mechanic and controlled than crossfit to put to you new exercises by the instructor at the time. The goal is improve overall performance.

So How to differentiate those term in a commercial market?

The answer is easy , each training are almost the same , but the difference is the term.

1. Cross_Fit is a patent brand used by gyms.

2. Crosstraining is athletic training in sports other than the athlete's usual sport.

For the first name , gyms and instructor has to pay to the brand creator for the use of the name or use the word in a advertisement . and cost a little bit more to customers for the use that name.

And for the second name people , gyms and instructor have to take care of the benefits and care of their possible customers only. Customers get benefits in price and lifestyle.

CrossFit Inc. is copyright reserved to Greg Glassman, this site use it the word only for a article example.

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