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Advertising ATL vs BTL = TTL

Good,excellent and bad advertisements get in touch with us todays date.

But no one knows about the difference of the terms ATL and BTL because the are terms use it by professional advertiser , marketers and public relations and is important to teach to people in others professional areas what is the definition of those terms.

ATL (Above the line) advertisement is where mass media is used to promote brands and reach out to the target consumers a wider spread of audience also reach mass media by millions of present and possible consumers . Conventional media is used under this term as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as internet. Advertisement communication get repeated and you have to know how to reach your audience very well, to drive your campaign when you are running it with care and creativeness and not create tireless and disgust of the brand or campaign. By ATL you possibly may drive or not customer reponses. For agencies and business groups the money spent is high compare with BTL.

BTL (Below the line) advertisement is more one to one or individual advertisement target, and involves the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, brochures placed at point of sale, on the roads through banners. For certain markets, like rural markets where the reach of mass media like print or television is limited, BTL marketing is more a direct contact with future and possible consumers. BTL promotion might include direct mail promotional campaigns, PR and sales promotions which are handled directly by the company itself or outsourced to specifically PR agencies and sales promotion agencies. BTL advertising might include email campaigns, telemarketing, etc with targeted groups of potential clients also is well known to build stronger relationships and brands trust. You as a advertiser or marketer get more individual responses to a campaign that you are going to running in the future or knowing the results after the campaign is over.

How to measure ATL campaign:



Gross points

Note: Difficult to measure clear results of a campaign

How to measure BTL Campaign:

Website visits


Click-through rates

Conversion rates

Cost per click

Social media likes,impressions and followers

Some people would consider ATL and BTL antiquated terminologies in an era which uses the internet and lightening speed changes in modes of communication to reach out to the consumer so now there is a new term or phrase called Through the Line, or TTL, which integrates both ATL and BTL activities ,engage customer at different or multiple points and this generate a solid perceptions of the product or campaign, An example would be a TV commercial that says 'come into the store to sample XYZ product'. In this example, the TV commercial is a form of 'above the line' advertising and once in the store, the target customer is presented with 'below the line' promotional material such as store banners, competition entry forms etc.

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