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Your Brand , How to know you.

Your brand is the image a society,friends,knowns have of you in the market where you are also in the entire world. It should be strategic and intentional. Discover how to get your brand defined and identified.

Clearly describe what it is you offer to others what is the best thing to be your follower or friend.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Let that drive your core brand message.

For example a position of a brand like LUIS FONSI should goal different markets worldwide to sell his concerts.

What makes him so special?

What makes him so unique?

What makes him so adorable to be my friend?

What lifestyle does he get, how personal it is?

What describe him to be a musician star?

He actually had presentations worldwide in this 2018 in different markets with his tour called ´´Love + Dance World Tour´´is the ninth concert tour by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, in support of his worldwide hit single, "Despacito" .

Conduct market research if you need to. Get to know your target markets. What sets you apart as? what is your mission? What are your core values? And how does that translate into a unique value proposition?

Just find out!

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