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Personal fashion , what is your style?

With more than $500 billion a year spent on advertising worldwide and an estimated US$241 million spent on fashion advertising in the USA, the fashion advertising campaign is more prominent than ever, The most important of all is the presence of your personality these days and how you dress to connect your path worldwide.

But first let start how you dress,you probably are thinking how people perceive or talk about me, our clothes are often an expression of our spirit and character. Its easy hear your friends , your environment what they say about you , in social networks , comments, etc. Maybe you are saying i don't have money to contract or pay a personal shopper or fashion artist, well i understand, but get this following tips to blow out your decision and characterized you .

Personal Stylists are always present in clothes,make-up and beauty care stores they are super friendly and can help with everything from a little fashion advice to a whole new wardrobe. Go and take the good and comfortable things you feel - with zero pressure. Choose and be creative.

Types of Styles:





Lady like

Teen like


Gossip like


Men Like





Here are different styles , choose what can be the next you?

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