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So pErsOnal , dOn’t opEn and chEck oUt my secrEt.

What's a secret you have sworn never to tell, but you'll gladly share anonymously through internet or texting by mobile phones even on your mind?

That little secret surprise your lifestyle , because nobody know about it including you, yes you .. you get discover, for example.

Example of secrets:

One of the things that I remember my best female friend makes money by taking elaborate series of nude photographs at the request of very rich men. She's been doing this for two years and though she said she would stop once she got married, she did not. The husband has no idea,they broke up , She's remarried now.

That kind of stuff get you behind who you are, so don’t be afraid and show to your friends and relatives your feelings and how you are. Because is your personal evolution in your life.

When you adopt evolution as your main goal and feel better wit your own, there are practical questions you can ask every day as you check in on your progress:

  • How can I move forward today?

  • Do I know myself better?

  • Do I enjoy my life more?

Go to the gym, make friends and followers , go to the barbershop , shopping or eat , pray , relax, and…. Maybe dirty secrets or clean secrets.

These privileged moments are the kind of markers I’m talking about. They show me that evolution is a real force working through me, maybe you or maybe him or she ,…well don’t know but share your secrets !

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