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Brand Image

A photography is the start of what is your brand todays date. This one, get recorded on the consumers or person mentality, about our brand prestige , style, category, position, status, etc.

Brand Image takes the power of your brand by the function, the reason or the emotion during his evolution throught time. A product , like a person, can have differents ways to express his qualities on front of possible future friends or markets.

To get an image its by a phsycological way of the product or services on the market, the people not only buy the product, buy its image. Ask the benefits that your brand offer to the market todays date, his appearance or how they connect with your product or service.

The generation of a specific brand is a process of perception. The brand image its a public opinion phenomenom , results to all different process and comunication types. For them, 10 orders exist:

1. The client always has the reason

2. Do not defend yourself

3. Do not fell in provocative ways

4. Do not hide

5. Do not being late

6. Practice what you promise

7. Sowing and harvest

8. Do not tire possible customers

9. Get live your campaign strategies

10. Learn to hear and listen

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