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The intangible value of reputation and brand image of a country has multiple aspects, such as products, tourism, culture, sports, business and government agencies, which determine the values ​​associated with that country. Country is a good brand for advocates of this concept, adding value to products from that country and labeled "made ​​in ..." as well as for tourism, attracting foreign capital, labor recruitment force and its political and cultural influence in the world.

Countries compete to attract tourism, investment and exports. When you have a clear and positive reputation, as is the case of Germany, the value of the brand opens doors. Take the case of the automotive industry in Europe: while most buyers demonstrate a preference for local brands, the second option invariably falls in German marks.

As a result, the brand is a process that should not be treated in a timely manner, or be owned by a single scheme. In political treatment and should focus on the different aspects of a country that always will be present.

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