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Advertising BTL & Advertising ATL

BTL (Below the Line )

BTL or Below The Line consist to use no massive comunication directed to a specific segment or target using like main arms, the creativity, the surprise or the sense of opportunity.

BTL (Direct Media) generally ignored by advertising agencies, for common reasons: You don´t have to invest big quantity of money and they have to be very creative.

BTL Media:

Product placement Advertgaming Sales Points (displays) Direct Marketing Online Advertising Public Relations Sponsorship

You will get with BTL, arrive with personalized messages to the same receiver . The objective is to create a directed and customized relation by the message receiver.

ATL (Above the line)

ATL or above the line is use it into:

Massive Media: Print (diaries and magazines), radio and televisión

ATL Media:

Tv Radio Cinema Magazines News Exterior Internet

Feedback is not inmediately, the efectiveness strategy is so dificult to measure. The advertisement is located together with content that are of general interest and atract a big number of people.

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